Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Excel 2007 Password Protection

Many of my friends were asking me, how they can password protect their excel 2007 sheets. So, this time I am going to show you, how to password protect your excel files without any software.

Scenario I : Data in Single Excel Sheet
You have important data in an excel file and you do not want others to make changes in sheet. They are allowed to make changes in your sheet only when they have password. Follow these instructions.

  1.  Right click on Sheet1 tab at the bottom left corner of excel.
  2.  Click on "protect sheet".
  3.  Un-check all the text boxes (See Picture). If you un-check all the check boxes, then others can only view your excel sheet. But they cannot make any changes without a password. 
  4.  Enter your password and click OK
  5. Confirm password by typing again in pop up and then click OK.

Your worksheet is now protected. You and others can make changes in the worksheet only after typing in the password to unprotect it. To unprotect it
  1. Right click on the sheet.
  2. Click "Unprotect Sheet".
  3. Type in your password in text box and click OK.
Scenario II : Data in Multiple Excel Sheet
If you have multiple sheets, then choose the sheet you want to password protect. Then follow the instruction given above for data in single excel sheet.

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