Sunday, November 27, 2011

Comparison Charts With Excel

Today we are going to learn how to make a chart which compares two or more data in a table. It is very useful when we want to compare between two values very easily within no time. As you will agree that comparing data with a graph is far more better than digging into a lot of data in a table. So lets get started. this is what we are going to create.

Follow these easy step by step method to create the chart as in the above image. Lets say we want to compare a list of items A to E for number of units in stock, purchased and sold.
Step 1
Create a sample data as below.

Step 2
Go to Insert > Charts > Column and then select Clustered Column chart from 2D Column.

Step 3
Select Layout 5 from Chart Layouts in Chart tools in Design tab.

Step 4
Right click on chart area and click on Select Data.

Step 5
In the Select Data source window click on Add.

Select the title "In Stock" for Series Name and Data below In Stock title for Series Values and click OK.

Notice a series In Stock is added in the Legend Entries (Series) list box. Now click on Edit button.

Select Item names A to E for Axis label range and click OK.

Similarly Add Two more series Purchased and Sold  as illustrated above for Purchase and Sold units.

Step 6
After completing above five steps you should get a graph as shown in the image.

Right click on Axis Title and choose Edit Text. Delete the text and write "Number of Units". Select the text and change the font size to 12 and the result is. . . 

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  1. Thanks for your sharing,i learn a lot from your post.I am trying to compare two sets of stacked bar charts with each other. e.g. comparing the total number of hours worked in a month(as a stacked bar adding direct and indirect labor) and comparing this to the plan for the month (also stacked as direct and indirect). So basically it would be two stacked bars per month for 12 months. None of the standard excel graphs let me do that. Any ideas on how to get this done?
    Excel barcode addin

  2. graph yang menarik
    ini mudah dipahami
    terima kasih infonya


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